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The closing day is the day you take legal possession or your new property.  


As this day nears, your REALTOR® and lender will monitor the progress of your transaction to ensure there are no last minute issues that need to be dealt with.

Closing Day

On closing day itself, legal property ownership is transferred to your name. The mortgage amount is provided to your lawyer or notary by your lender and you will receive a Statement of Adjustments with costs payable, including: balance owing, legal fees, property transfer taxes and other closing costs. Your lawyer or notary will pay the seller, complete necessary documents and register your home at the Land Titles Office in your name.

On your closing day, your lender provides the mortgage money to your lawyer/notary, you provide the down payment (minus your deposit) to your lawyer/notary as well as remaining closing costs. Your lawyer/notary pays the vendor, registers the home in your name and provides you the deed to your new home.